Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Allowing the process.

A couple months back a friend posted how her daughter was drawing. "Awe" I thought- then I saw what she drew.. A person- granted on from the eyes, mind and brain of a 2.5 yeahr old, but still a really good drawing. My brow got kinda furrowed- thinking "E doesn't even desire to touch a pen, crayon or marker." The a friend with a son a year plus younger than E was drawing. "GAH!" I was screaming in my head "My son is behind!" Not to mention my other friend's 2 sons draw and craft all the time (one 2 years older than E and one 1 6 months younger than E) and (Gasp!) they even use scissors (and haven't killed themselves yet (sarcasm). Sigh.. So here it is... Here my son it going to be a crafting idiot- its all my fault. Granted all these children have older siblings, and all those older siblings craft and draw.
So I went out- bought markers and a drawing pad. Yeah- he liked it for about 5 minuets at a time. And he loved to climb up the entertainment center and get the (thankfully- washable) markers and draw- ON THE TV, chair, table. I was loving his creativity- but not the placing of it.. It never got onto our couches (yet).

Cut to this week (and the last 3 weeks). E has asked to finger paint (I still have yet to make that happen, I want to have the floor covered so he can enjoy it! And he has asked for pens and paper almost every day this week.

He is loving drawing in the car!

In typical fashion. He once again and taught me- all things in the right and perfect time.

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