Monday, April 23, 2012


I have been hearing about Manna for about a month. The church that we attended had a series on the Lords Prayer. One session was "give us this day our daily bread." I have always heard it relate to daily reading of the bible. But this time the sermon was how manna worked in the wilderness. Each day they CoI (Children of Israel) were supposed to go out to gather Manna. This was their food, it was fresh each day. There was always enough just.for.that day. At the end of the day any left or even horded would spoil at sundown. That story is a perfect reminder how each of us are provided for EACH.DAY. If I really look at my day, I am perfectly provided for. Is every day a zip-pe-de-do-dah day? NOPE! However, God's grace makes up the difference.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Allowing the process.

A couple months back a friend posted how her daughter was drawing. "Awe" I thought- then I saw what she drew.. A person- granted on from the eyes, mind and brain of a 2.5 yeahr old, but still a really good drawing. My brow got kinda furrowed- thinking "E doesn't even desire to touch a pen, crayon or marker." The a friend with a son a year plus younger than E was drawing. "GAH!" I was screaming in my head "My son is behind!" Not to mention my other friend's 2 sons draw and craft all the time (one 2 years older than E and one 1 6 months younger than E) and (Gasp!) they even use scissors (and haven't killed themselves yet (sarcasm). Sigh.. So here it is... Here my son it going to be a crafting idiot- its all my fault. Granted all these children have older siblings, and all those older siblings craft and draw.
So I went out- bought markers and a drawing pad. Yeah- he liked it for about 5 minuets at a time. And he loved to climb up the entertainment center and get the (thankfully- washable) markers and draw- ON THE TV, chair, table. I was loving his creativity- but not the placing of it.. It never got onto our couches (yet).

Cut to this week (and the last 3 weeks). E has asked to finger paint (I still have yet to make that happen, I want to have the floor covered so he can enjoy it! And he has asked for pens and paper almost every day this week.

He is loving drawing in the car!

In typical fashion. He once again and taught me- all things in the right and perfect time.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I have the opposite issue of most people. Most Women/Families have a plethora of traditions that they can begin when they have children or families. They can pick and choose from two sets of parents and even grandparents, aunts and uncles on up the family tree. Me? I got basically nothing. My maternal Grandparents died before I was born. My Paternal Grandparents aren't 'Christmas celebrators' and besides I have seen them MAYBE 2 dozen times in my 32 years of life (also my Papaw has been dead for 5+ years). And Parents? My parents (who had me @ 38 years old) raised me semi-pentecostal semi-something else, all in all we didn't believe in or celebrate Christmas (it was considered a pagan holiday). (I have 1 biological sibling that I am close to, a brother 15 years older than me.)

So strike 3 for no traditions.

Then my in-laws; my mother in law prepared foods, and I have her recipes- that is great- however most of the food is boxed or canned and it is hard for me to prepare and eat that (think plastic cheese). When I had only known her 2 years, she died, and with her the oral traditions of all her family. Now my father in law has remarried and they live 1000 miles away, not a particularly close family.

My son is 2 and just for the first time gonna get to experience Christmas. So where do I start, what tradition do I incorporate. I feel like a pioneer, in my own home life.

So be thankful for the legacy of traditions that you are blessed with, no matter how silly they seen. There are people out there like me who have lost so much oral and physical family traditions. Oh and RECORD your traditions in as many ways as you can (write, audio, video, photograph)- future generations will want to know! Happy, Blessed Holidays to all!!

(And feel free to share your special traditions with me please!)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Real Bully

The Real Bully

"If there is anything that we wish to change in our children, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could be better changed in ourselves." ~Carl Jung

I am so tired of the all the bullying commercials that target children. Really they are the end result of the TRUE issue! The REAL issue is bullying- I agree; but how and where do the children learn bulling???

Have you stopped to listed and observe how children are treated in today's society?

It begins with telling Parents to let they baby CRY- because "That baby is trying to control and manipulate you". And with that the bullying begins. We are told to view them as controlling, manipulative creatures.


Then we are told as the child enters the age of two- (daunting music plays)THE TERRIBLE TWOS- yet again we must prepare for battle. We must fight these evil little beings.


Parents are told to begin the bullying early. After a life time (albeit a short lifetime) of being controlled, fought with, manipulated and thought of as 'evil'. POOF you have raised yourself a BULLY!

He finally has space- and takes out all that controlled, manipulated energy, on another being. After all he has been taught that is the hierarchy.

What if- instead- we listened, facilitated, viewed with positive eyes- our Children?

"Always assume positive intent from your children. In a culture that assumes the negative, this little change of focus changes everything." Dayna Martin

IMAGINE- if you can. A world where children are honored, respected (gasp) as humans, and PART of the family (not just accessories).

"What a wonderful World" Louis Armstrong

If we really want to target bullying- Lets be peaceful, gentle parents.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Here goes....

As I sit here at five minuets until midnight. I am tired, but feel fulfilled and blessed! I spent most of the day getting E's toys organized and getting out yard sale scores incorporated into our life (like I *need* more stuff).

I am excited about E seeing his new (used) train table!

Since BoyMarmoset is camping with his buddy's, its just me and E tonight. Heres to peaceful sleep.